Is the Limitless PIll Real & Where Can You Get It?

Ever since Limitless came out in the theatres in 2011 the biggest buzz word in marketing has been “Real Life Limitless Pill”. This phrase has been plastered all over the internet to the point where it has become impossible to escape from.

NZT - Limitless PillPeople have been looking for a way to achieve the effects of the limitless pill so they too can achieve focus, mental clarity and stop procrastinating. All to often people repeatidily put off their important tasks an waste their time looking at cute pictures of cats. However, what if you had a way to focus. What if you could take just one pill every day and achieve total concentration to blast through the tasks you’ve been putting off everyday. Would you take it?

I think the answer for most of us is a resounding “yes!”. Especially if that pill had no real downsides, comedown or withdrawal. Unfortunatly there is no real limitless pill on the market currently. However people have been experimenting with other brand enhancing chemicals. Often referred to as “Smart Drugs” or “Study Drugs. There are a few different kinds that you can try today.

Currentlty the biggest community online is the Nootropic movement. With hundreds to choose from with a wide array of different effects you might have to do a bit of research. Alternatives to nootropics include Modifinil or Adderal. Which are commonly prescribed for Narcolepsy. However if taken recreationally they make excellent study aids and are commonly taken by students studying for their degrees.